AuxMundus: Lawyers in Valencia


AuxMundus offers you the best specialized lawyers in all areas of law, that will apply the most efficient legal solutions for each case and everyone of our clients.


Due to an outstanding experience for more than a decade, our law company is one of the most competent and efficient international law and mediation companies with running offices in Spain, Romania and Malta, and collaborators all over the world.

We help our clients develop their businesses and/or personal interests, and provide them with the most viable legal solutions to what ever their problems are.

Our aim is to establish long term relationships with all our clients, based on our active implication and on our constant will of improvement. By constantly providing our clients with efficient legal solutions we have manage to overcome any juridical difficulty, and that’s why we are now consider the best law company partner for many international clients.

Our team can represent you in front of any Court of law, state institutions, national or international, penitenciary, public notary, private mediators or law offices, insolvency practicians or firms, as well as in front of European Court of Human Rights or European Court of Justice.



Our lawyers are specialized and have significant experience in the following areas:

Civil Law

Penal Law

Commercial Law

Administrative Law

Employment Law

Contract Law

Rights and Human Dignity – ECHR

Community Law and Public International

International Law

Penitenciary Law

Environmental Law

Family Law

Real Estate Law

Intellectual Property

Transport Law

Traffic Accidents

Debts Recovery


IT and ITeS Law

Tax Law

Merges and Acquisitions

Company Formation and Disolution


AuxMundus is the best ally to all Romanian communities residing abroad and to all those who are in search of  the best law services worldwide.


For any legal problems, regardless of domain, that you may have, in SpainRomania, Malta or other E.U. country, feel free to contact us, we are here to help youour lawyers are prepared for any challenge.

If  you have any legal dispute or situation that must be solved in one of the above mentioned countries and because of your job, lack of time or legal knowledge, you cannot solve or attend it, hand your problem over to us, and we will get it solved for you in the most efficient way. In this manner you’ll save time, effort and money, and will not be required to make any trip to that country, where of course you have to pay a lawyer anyway to solve the problem.

Trust us your problems and we’ll get them solved quickly and in the most professional way for you.

For any kind of situations/problems over Spanish territory, especially in the Valencian Community, or in Romania, we invite you to our office to study your case and resolve it in a professional manner.

Our lawyers, can represent you with success in front of all state authorities, courts, prisons, private institutions in Spain, Malta or Romania or other E.U. countries, as well as in front of the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Justice, etc.

The professionals team of lawyers at AuxMundus have extensive knowledge and experience in the E.U. law, mainly in  Romanian, Maltese  and Spanish courts of law, local institutions and internal legislation, result of a long history of challenges and successes  which has made AuxMundus to be one of the most important and efficient european law and mediation company.

AuxMundus, in addition to its headquarters in Valencia, also runs an office in Brasov (Romania), and collaborates with international profesional lawyers in MaltaItaly and United States.

Our specialized lawyers offers you legal assistance in most areas of law, e.g.: Criminal Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law, International Law, Family Law, Contracts, etc.

Our law company also offers consulting servicesrepresentation and legal assistance to any natural or legal person or company that wants to establish commercial relations in Romania, Malta or Spain, e.g.: creation of companies, intermediations in businesses, merges and aquisitions, verification of any kind of contracts,national or international,  property  and intellectual property, obtain licenses, authorizations, etc.




After  assiduous and in detailed  study of your case upon the documentation you provide us,  by one of our attorneys, you will be informed about the legal solutions and the actions that are appropriate to be done and also the fees and the approximate duration of the legal proceedings.  This consultation is free of charge.

In case of acceptance of the above terms and fees, a contract of legal representation will be signed and at the end of the legal proceedings a detailed invoice will be issued. In case of contracted services that exceed the amount of € 5000, payment in installments shall be allowed and stipulated in the contract; in all other cases an advance payment of the entire fee will be required.


From the outset and throughout legal proceedings, AuxMundus will keep you informed with the case status and with  any issues that might arise in the process and will ask  for your acceptance for  any action required to be done, in order to solve the case, that was not stipulated in the intial contract.


 AuxMundus welcomes and invites you to contact us whatever the nature of your problem might be.


AuxMundus: Lawyers in Valencia