AuxMundus: Mediation in Valencia


AuxMundus offers you specialized mediation services, in order to help to extinguish any conflict before being registered or after has already been registered in a court of law.



Our specialized mediators offer professional mediation services in Spain, Romania, Malta or other E.U. countries, that can help you prevent, overcome or end any dispute or trial that you may have in any field of law, even in criminal law, where the where reconciliation of the parties removes criminal liability, or regarding civil and moral damages claims.

Mediation is a voluntary way of resolving conflicts amicably with the help of a third party as a mediator, in conditions of neutrality, impartiality and confidentiality. It consist of a collection of processes used for the purpose of resolving conflict or disputes informally and confidentially, by the help of a specialized person called mediator.

Mediation provides alternatives to traditional processes, in which a person, the mediator, helps the parties to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner, facilitating dialogue and communication for to reach, a consensual and satisfactory agreement, in the end.

In this procedure, the figure of the mediator is impartial and neutral, he does not act as counsel for any of the parties and do not favors the interests of any of them. In his work, the mediator, does not impose any criteria or positioning in favour of any of the parties, regardless of his personal, political or ideological affinities.

Mediation is an alternative to a legal process. It is a voluntary, confidential and flexible procedure, whose principles are within a framework of equality, democracy, dialogue, respect and consensus.

Some reasons for using mediation are that it is faster, less costly, easier, less formality involved, less confrontational or adversarial, it encourages creativity and searching for practical solutions, it avoids the unpredictability involved when decisions are rendered as a result of the traditional dispute resolution mechanisms.

The mediation process usually results in improved communications between disputing parties and is therefore better for ongoing relationships, increases workplace morale and can make you feel better about coming to work, results in participant satisfaction, solutions tend to be durable or long lasting since they have the “buy in” of all parties involved, publicity is avoided and most importantly, the parties retain control of the outcome.

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE by using mediation since all statutory entitlements remain intact.

Mediation can be applied practically in any area of law, but it is used mainly in:

Civil and Commercial Mediation: mortgages, insurance, non-payments, insolvency, evictions, contracts, etc.

Family Mediation: separation, divorce, guardianship juvenile home setting, alimony, property sharing etc.

Mediation in Criminal Law: for all offenses where the reconciliation of the parties removes criminal liability as well as in all criminal cases concerning civil side, civil and moral damages claims.

Labour Mediation: in all conflicts between employees and employers, accidents, etc.


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AuxMundus: Mediation in Valencia